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Achieve Success With Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Whether you suffer from car crash pain or you need some assistance with a work comp claim, our goal is to help you feel better and alleviate your stress.

At Accelerated Rehab, our orthopedic physical therapy specialists create treatment plans based on each patient’s needs. Our orthopedic physical therapy entails doing an assessment to identify the location and type of pain involved. After all, auto accident pain is different from the pain that someone experiences from repetitive strain. Overall, our goal with professional physical therapy is to help patients recover quickly.

The orthopedic physical therapy that we provide includes both passive and active treatments. In some instances, the best course of action is the application of cold or heat. Then sometimes, stretching and exercises get better results. We never offer cookie-cutter solutions. Instead, we customize orthopedic physical therapy according to the patient and his or her injury.

What Is Orthopedic Physical Therapy?

For people who ask, “What is orthopedic physical therapy?” this involves many different treatments and techniques. As an example, at Accelerated Rehab, we provide orthopedic manual physical therapy along with orthopedic and spine physical therapy.

  • Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy – As a specialized area, this consists of the management of neuro-musculoskeletal conditions. Treatments are also based on clinical reasoning. Our therapists take very specific approaches, which include therapeutic exercises and manual techniques.  
  • Orthopedic and Spine Physical Therapy – For this, the goal is to resolve musculoskeletal restrictions and alleviate the patient’s pain. As for treatment, our therapists use a combination of manual therapy techniques and exercise progressions.

What is orthopedic physical therapy? For us at Accelerated Rehab, it’s a combination of treatments and techniques that help patients overcome pain, stiffness, swelling, and limited mobility due to an injury.

No More Searching for “Orthopedic Physical Therapy Near Me”

Instead of searching online for “orthopedic physical therapy near me,” schedule an appointment with one of our licensed therapists at Accelerated Rehab. Unfortunately, people spend way too much time googling “orthopedic physical therapy near me” when they could be at one of our clinics receiving professional physical therapy. If you need help with a workman’s comp claim, we’ll gladly assist. Stop suffering from pain and take the first step to recovery. Give us a call today for personalized service.

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What our patients are saying

Left me relaxed and calm. All the doctors are great. All the staff is top-notch. The massage staff is awesome! 5 Stars for sure.
Eric M.
Best crew ever. Dr.Joe is very kind and great in spotting what is needed, as well as being communicative and responsive to one's needs. Everyone in the office is very friendly and helpful . This is a wonderful place to heal, highly recommend!
Maaly Younis
They helped me with my pain and I couldn’t be happier that I went to ART! The doctors were incredibly attentive and really listened to me before tailoring my treatment to perfectly fit my needs.
Engineer, Forefront Development
I was having daily headaches after work. After only a few sessions with the great folks at ART I started feeling better almost right away.
Teacher, Boulder Valley School District
By far and hands down one of the best rehab places around! The staff is incredible and the doctors are on point. Their care and concern is over and above. After a horrible car accident I got my life back thanks to the effort from these amazing people. I can't say enough about this place.
Kim Cormier
This was the best chiropractic experience I've had. Everyone was so warm and friendly. They made me feel comfortable and listened to all of my issues I was having with my back and neck. The massage with Angel was a wonderful deep-tissue and the adjustment with Dr. Ginn was just what I needed.
Samantha Milani
Got in a car accident on the 4th of July and have been seeing ART Greeley since (it is now November). They have been fantastic! The staff are friendly and helpful. They have been instrumental to my recovery. Dr. Nate (UNC), Massage Therapist Angel (UNC), the secretary/PT (ART office), Dr.
Buddy Curry
I love this place!!!! I feel so much better after I leave here ever time! And the massage therapist Angle 🙌 is sooo good
Brooke Hamilton
They do a great job!
Mark Myers
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