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Why Trigger Point Massage Works

Accelerated Rehab Therapy offers therapeutic medical massage, including trigger points massage, for patients in Northern Colorado. We specialize in accident and worker’s comp injuries.

A trigger point is a massage term that refers to a spot of muscles that has been injured, usually by trauma like an auto accident or work injury. As the injured muscles heal, they become knotted and twisted, causing tightness and muscle shortness. This resulting knot can spasm and subsequently cause pain in other areas of the body as well. Common examples of this can be chronic headaches from a neck injury, or lower back pain. Receiving trigger points massage therapy from a certified local massage therapist can often provide some relief for sufferers of chronic pain. 

Who Needs Trigger Point Massage Therapy?

A trigger point massage therapist is especially recommended for people who have had muscle injury or medical trauma, including:

  • Auto Accident Injury
  • Work Comp Injury
  • Sports Injury
  • Slip And Falls Injury
  • Personal Injury

However, anyone who suffers pain from old injuries or constant stress may consider getting this therapy. If you find yourself constantly trying to rub out “knots” in your neck, back, or shoulders, you may be suffering from trigger points without knowing it. 

Trigger Point Massage Therapy Benefits

The benefits of trigger point massage can include alleviating headaches and cramps, relief from chronic pain, improved posture, and helping to increase your range of motion from old accidents. Consistent treatments can provide not only short term relief, but long term benefits as well. And since it is a form of medical massage, trigger point therapy is often covered through your health insurance. 

At Accelerated Rehab Therapy, our certified trigger point massage therapists are here to help. We focus on medical trauma such as auto, work, or sports accidents, and we accept all major forms of health insurance. And for our Spanish speakers, bilingual therapists are available. 

Don’t suffer with unnecessary pain. Make an appointment today for a consultation, and see how trigger point massage therapy can help you. Serving patients in Greeley, and Fort Collins, CO.