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Where Can I Find the Best Acupuncture Near Greeley, CO?

Receiving acupuncture from a licensed professional will help with your injury, whether a car accident or work comp situation. Take the appropriate action today.

Are you trying to find the best acupuncture clinic close to home? If you are looking for an auto injury doctor, Accelerated Rehab Therapy can help. Just imagine not ever having to search for “acupuncture near me” again. We have a therapist who uses both ancient Chinese and modern acupuncture, giving you the best of both worlds. Knowing you have help available, whether in Fort Collins, Thornton, or Greeley, your days of searching for “acupuncture near me” are over.

Our Acupuncture Doctor Will Help You Find Relief

Even though an acupuncture doctor provides this ancient treatment, most now offer what’s known as “modern acupuncture.” That simply means treating people using both old and new techniques. Regardless, an expert would still perform medical acupuncture, which provides a host of benefits.

Just like the more traditional approach, there’s solid proof that modern acupuncture decreases inflammation, improves blood flow, and eases a person’s discomfort. Whether you suffer from headaches or chronic pain affecting the back, neck, joints, or muscles, you’ll appreciate the acupuncture advantage.

For example, if you have car crash pain days or even weeks following an accident, an acupuncturist can help. The same goes if you experienced a bad fall at work. However, this natural treatment also alleviates discomfort associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia, RSD, and other disorders. In fact, one acupuncture advantage that some people aren’t aware of is that it helps ease anxiety and depression by targeting the right areas of the body.

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Acupuncture Healing Allows Your Body to Heal Naturally

Acupuncture healing is very real. This ancient treatment works by stimulating blood flow, normalizing the nervous system, and overall, improving well-being. Acupuncture healing occurs because it has a direct effect on serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins, all chemicals in the brain. The tiny needles placed into key points of the body trigger a positive response. Restoring blood flow is what activates the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Even for someone with intense car crash pain, it works incredibly well.

Rather than an expensive option, the right clinic has an acupuncture cost that anyone can afford. Not only does this natural treatment help with a broad range of health-related problems but it’s also safe for virtually anyone. Because of that, there’s no reason to continue suffering in silence. Reclaim quality of life with this amazing alternative approach. Even medical doctors often recommend acupuncture to their patients in conjunction with traditional medicine.

If you live with pain, regardless of the cause, and perhaps need assistance with a work comp claim, Accelerated Rehab Therapy is your ideal source. With our acupuncture treatment, you can relax while the expert goes to work in helping you achieve optimal wellness. We have a rehab facility in Greeley, Fort Collins, and Thornton, Colorado. Call today for an appointment.

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What our patients are saying

Left me relaxed and calm. All the doctors are great. All the staff is top-notch. The massage staff is awesome! 5 Stars for sure.
Eric M.
Best crew ever. Dr.Joe is very kind and great in spotting what is needed, as well as being communicative and responsive to one's needs. Everyone in the office is very friendly and helpful . This is a wonderful place to heal, highly recommend!
Maaly Younis
They helped me with my pain and I couldn’t be happier that I went to ART! The doctors were incredibly attentive and really listened to me before tailoring my treatment to perfectly fit my needs.
Engineer, Forefront Development
I was having daily headaches after work. After only a few sessions with the great folks at ART I started feeling better almost right away.
Teacher, Boulder Valley School District
By far and hands down one of the best rehab places around! The staff is incredible and the doctors are on point. Their care and concern is over and above. After a horrible car accident I got my life back thanks to the effort from these amazing people. I can't say enough about this place.
Kim Cormier
This was the best chiropractic experience I've had. Everyone was so warm and friendly. They made me feel comfortable and listened to all of my issues I was having with my back and neck. The massage with Angel was a wonderful deep-tissue and the adjustment with Dr. Ginn was just what I needed.
Samantha Milani
Got in a car accident on the 4th of July and have been seeing ART Greeley since (it is now November). They have been fantastic! The staff are friendly and helpful. They have been instrumental to my recovery. Dr. Nate (UNC), Massage Therapist Angel (UNC), the secretary/PT (ART office), Dr.
Buddy Curry
I love this place!!!! I feel so much better after I leave here ever time! And the massage therapist Angle 🙌 is sooo good
Brooke Hamilton
They do a great job!
Mark Myers
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FAQs About Acupuncture

Q: Is acupuncture safe?
A: When completed by a certified and trained acupuncture practitioner, the practice is very safe. Needles used in the procedure are sterile and are single-use, providing the highest level of safety.

Q: Are there any side effects?
A: There are some general side effects that can occur after any type of treatment. Some people may have increased fatigue after acupuncture, which typically lasts only a few hours. Mild soreness at the site of the insertion of the needle and slight bruising can also occur.

Q: What should I expect for my first treatment?
A: The therapist will take to you about the treatment plan, explain the acupuncture process, and answer any questions you may have. Depending on the location of the treatment you may sit or lay down.

Q: Does acupuncture hurt?
A: There may be slight pressure at the location of the needle insertion, but it does not hurt or cause discomfort.

Q: How can I prepare for my acupuncture treatment?
A: It is recommended you eat a light meal a short time before your treatment. Wear comfortable, loose clothing, and follow all directions provided at the time you scheduled your appointment, which includes avoiding caffeine for at least two hours before treatment.

Q: What is acupuncture best for?
A: Acupuncture is used to treat a variety of conditions. These include nausea, anxiety, chronic pain, musculoskeletal conditions, insomnia, headaches, inflammation, allergies, and depression.

Q: Where do the needles go?
A: Different locations on the body correspond to different conditions. The needles are inserted into the skin at various depths. Most are inserted just a small fraction of an inch but they can be deeper for specific treatments.

Q: What risks are associated with acupuncture?
A: When administered by a certified, trained acupuncturist, there are extremely limited risks associated with acupuncture. After the procedure, the most common effects after the procedure are pain and bruising at the insertion sites that lasts a few hours for most patients.