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Fast and Easy Recovery from Common Hip Injuries in Greeley, CO, Area

Accelerated Rehab Therapy offers various hip injury and pain relief treatments to patients of all ages from Greeley,

Do you or a loved one suffer from common hip injuries and are looking for ways to accelerate your recovery and relieve pain? Then you should consider consulting a doctor of chiropractic and have them recommend the best hip injury treatment for you. 

You can do that at Accelerated Rehab Therapy. Our specialists have experience treating all types of hip injuries, from hip bones broken or shattered in car or work accidents to muscle and tendon overuse, age-related problems, fall- and sports-related injuries.  

They will identify the source of your injury, its severity, and the best course of treatment. Once you start receiving the recommended treatment, you will notice considerable improvements in your condition, such as: 

  • Accelerated healing of the wounded tissue
  • Improved mobility and body function
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Pain and discomfort relief 

Why live with the pain and sacrifice your comfort and well being when treatment is one phone call away? 

Treating Hip Injuries from Falling and Accidents

Whether you slipped and fell or were the victim of a car or work accident, you should know that treating such injuries goes beyond the medical evaluation or interventions you received at the hospital. Also, the pain, muscle soreness, and reduced mobility you may experience is not normal and you should not wait for it to fade by itself. 

Hip injuries from falling and from car and work accidents are often more severe than they appear to be at first sight. They can affect the bones, the joints, the muscles, the ligaments, and even the nervous system. Sometimes, they lead to spine misalignment, pinched nerves, and dislocated disks. 

Left untreated, these injuries can aggravate and disrupt your routine even more, so the sooner you have them diagnosed, the higher your chances of enjoying a better quality of life are. Do not let the costs stop you. 

At Accelerated Rehab Therapy, our team will work with you to find ways to cover the costs of the treatment. In most cases, auto injury and work injury treatment cost is covered by auto or workers’ comp insurance. In many cases, hip injuries from falls can be included in slip-and-fall personal injury claims. 

The least you can do is find out what type of treatment you need and how much it would cost. If your car or workers’ comp insurance won’t cover it and you cannot afford it, you will at least know the cause of your pain and trouble and how much money you need to save. And you should consult a chiropractor for any type of hip pain and injuries, not just those from falls or accidents. 

Treating Hip Flexor Injuries

Hip pain, of any kind, should prompt you to seek help. Just because it’s not car crash pain or doesn’t have an immediate explanation, it doesn’t mean you should ignore it or put up with it. You could be suffering from hip flexor injuries. Those small muscles connecting your pelvis, lower spine, groin, and upper thighs are often overextended or torn, causing: 

  • Tenderness
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Weakness in the affected area

An experienced chiropractor will easily prescribe and administer the best hip flexor injury treatment for you, helping you recover your mobility and your well-being. 

Don’t live with the pain and sacrifice your comfort! Call (970) 324-1750 and schedule a consultation! Whether it’s auto accident pain, a sports injury, or a hip flexor injury, we will help you enjoy a fast and easy recovery!