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Stress can cause some serious side effects; headaches, shoulder and neck pain, and general tension. OUR DOORS ARE STAYING OPEN! Covid-19 is not going to effect our office hours. We are taking extra precautions to keep our facility sanitary.
We understand that our clients day-to-day lives must continue regardless of the health issues going on in our Nation.
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Per Executive Orders 2020 009 and 027, all chiropractic practices must postpone/ reschedule performance of elective care including, but not limited to, asymptomatic care, preventative care, non-medically necessary care or ancillary in-office services (such as non-therapeutic massage or other services).

Acute or emergency care, that falls under the guidance of Executive Order 2020 009 and 027 can be administered and should be done in accordance with other current executive orders issued by Governor Polis, local county orders and CDC guidelines.

Per DORA’s notice on April 2, 2020: 

As the March 27th guidance indicated, Executive Order D 2020 009 does allow for the discretion of the provider to conduct a chiropractic procedure in those circumstances where an injury or illness is at risk of progression or the patient’s health is at risk of rapid deterioration.  DORA has listed chiropractors as a critical service, provided that the services performed are within these confines of the Executive Order and are a conservative assessment of procedures that are critical on a case-by-case basis."

Our office specializes in these types of cases: Acute Injuries. Although we have reduced hours and staffing as required, We continue to stay open Monday Wednesdays and Fridays from 9-5pm to see patients that fall under these guidelines. If you find yourself in pain or injured during this time OR if you are unable to get into your Chiropractor or Therapist because they are closed, please give us a call.

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